MEGA - Maybe Maybe is not the right choice

This is the first article of the series MEGA: Make Elm Great Again where I’ll try to condensate some useful patterns and personal thought about Elm development. Here we’ll talk about Maybe types. Read more →

MEGA - Make Elm Great Again

This is the introduction article of MEGA: Make Elm Great Again series in which I will try to condense some helpful patterns and techniques that I learnt during real-world frontend applications in Elm. These articles are dedicated to mid or experienced Elm and functional programming developers so if you’ve never experienced such topics before you’ll probably find it obscure and unuseful. Read more →

Folding Right - a path towards functional origami

In this small article we explore what a fold is, what its properties are, and how it is the basis for all other higher order functions (HOF). At the end we’ll have a better appreciation for functions that fold as much as for those that unfold. Read more →

How to get started using Event Sourcing in an existing project

A while ago, we realized that Event Sourcing could perfectly fit our needs. I’m not going to write about how we came to this conclusion or what its benefits and disadvantages are. Today I’m gonna focus on how we stopped doing CRUD (and losing information) and how we got rid of a couple of our core DB tables. Read more →

The & Operator in Elixir

Writing short helpers functions in Elixir is a natural behavior since Elixir is a functional programming language and thankfully Elixir provides a shortcut to save us time: The & operator. Read more →