Testing combinatorial cases with Elixir macros

In this short article we’ll see how to leverage Elixir macros, and a little ExUnit trick, to easily and safely test our application. This method is especially useful when we have a set of cases that can be combined in different orders or groups. What I usually see happening is that the developer will write a couple of tests for a few simple cases and call it a day. Sometimes this is good enough, sometimes it can lead to trouble down the road. Read more →

The advantages of functional programming

In the past few years functional programming has caught the attention of industry programmers once again. Among such developers is the team I’m working with at Prima.it. While some of us had short stints of F#, Haskell, or LISP, for most of the team higher-order functions, pure functions, and immutability were concepts that were learned, and tested, after many years of object-oriented programming. Read more →

How we moved from monolith to microservices

The story about how we moved from monolith to microservices. Read more →